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Fremont Centre Theatre, South Pasadena, CA

One Woman Show starring Lissa Layng

Adapted by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey from her novel.
Directed by Norman Cohen.
Produced for Fremont Centre Theatre by Rosemary Layng and Lisa Payne
Music by Brian Benison

Hear music from the show:

LET THE ROCKS SPEAK through April 27, 2003
The Fountain Theatre, Hollywood, CA
produced by Virginia Morris and Jimmie F. Skaggs for ShapeShifter Productions.

Anna Der Nersesian
Jimmie F. Skaggs

Anais Thomassian
Magda Harout
Miranda Leann Lopez
Stephanie Satie
Ruby Tarzian
Amanda Troop

choreography by Anna Djanbazian
set design by D. V. Caitlyn
lighting design by Kathi O’Donohue
costume design by Maro Parian
original music and sound by Brian Benison.

escape / artists 10/12/2002-12/1/2002
Moving Arts' Premiere One-Act Festival

7 original one-act plays by emerging playwrights, presented in two separate evenings
Part of the Edge of the World Theater Festival
gallery 1

After Loyal by Robyn Burland / Directed by Melissa Marie Thomas
In the Tank by Rosemary Frisino Toohey / Directed by Mark Chaet
The Scream by D.T. Arcieri / Directed by Paul Stein
Match by Marc Chun / Directed by Kimberly Glann (Winner of the Competition)

Featuring: Jon Amirkhan • D.G. Bannon • Keith Berkes • Brendan Broms • Kathi Chandler • Elizabeth Harris • Carolyn Hennesy • Melissa Jones Liesel Kopp • Gary Marschall • Melissa Marie Thomas • Lori Yeghiayan

gallery 2

Busted Jesus Comix by David Johnston / Directed by Julie Briggs
Crossed Wires by Mark Chaet / Directed by Stu Levin
Casse-tête by Rob Nixon / Directed by Michael Cooper
Featuring: Jon Amirkhan • Rideaux Baldwin • Daria Balling • Mark Chaet • Cris D’Annunzio • Frank Timothy Elliott • Melissa Jones • Injae Kim • Michael May • Amy Thiel • Alain Uy • Lori Yeghiayan

Original Music by: Brian Benison Costume Design: Meghan Wincor
Graphic Design: Liesel Kopp Lighting Design: Chris Wojcieszyn
Sound Design: Leon Rothenberg Stage Managers: Lisa Marie Marschall,
Megan Murphy, Marie Wente
Scenic Design: John Williams Produced by Lisa Marie Marschall & Marcie Lynn Ross
Play the opening music from Busted Jesus Comix 
Play a cover of the Stupid Things song from In The Tank 

At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Part of the Edge of the World Theater Festival

Like Mystery by Traci Parks / Directed by Julia Hamilton
I Kant by Ken Urban / Directed by Megan Larmer
Genome Games by Suzanne Cogan /Directed by Nikki Hevesy

Featuring: Darla Balling • Sally Ben-Tal • Ethan Flower • Trey Nichols • Amy Thiel • Sean Egon • Liesel Kopp • Heather Salmon • Melissa Thomas • Kimberly Glann • Carolyn Hennesy • Jasper Wood • Tim Woodward

Original Music & Sound by: Brian Benison Costume Design: Sarah Horvath
Graphic Design: Liesel Kopp Lighting Design: Chris Wojcieszyn
Set Designer: Benjamin Thompson Stage Managers: Allison Blackman
Produced by Lisa Gruber & Marie Wente  

Raven Playhous
e, North Hollywood, CA

ShapeShifter productions presents Our Own Dear Anton's Abandoned Story Cycle by Joseph Skibell

Directed by Virginia Morris, starring William H. Bassett, Richard Kuhlman and Michael Albala

A farcical comedy by Joseph Skibell using characters from an unfinished story cycle by Anton Chekhov

DEAR JOHN, 5/19-6/24/2001
The Fremont Centre Theatre, South Pasadena, CA
in association with Lissa and James Reynolds and Yiffy productions present

Dear John, Letters from the heart of a gay man and the woman he loved.

A West Coast Premiere by Marcia Cebulska Directed by Julie Briggs

Starring Gary Marschall & Trena Jean Custer

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

At the 24th Street Theatre at USC

"Exit Polls" by Dan Beck Directed by Lee Wochner

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison
Moving Arts presents the world premiere at the Los Angeles Theatre Center.
a dark comedy written by Matt Pelfrey directed by Darrell Kunitomi

original music & sound design: Brian Benison
lighting design: Lawrence Siroky
costume design: Salette A. Corpuz
stage manager: Marie Wente

Featuring: Jeanette Carlisle * D. Matt Crabtree * Cris D'Annunzio
David S. Davidson * Lisa Gruber * Mónica Hidrovo * Heather McCandless
Pedro Pano * Richard Ruyle * Mark Kinsey Stephenson

Alarmed by the spread of urban crime into their perfect neighborhood, a group of suburban men decide to fight back by forming their own street gang.

At the American Globe Theatre, New York, NY

A Good Smoke by Don Cummings, Directed by Michael Cooper;

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison
LOVES AND LOSSES 3/20/2001-5/29/01
Hudson Avenue Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Theatre Neo presents "Loves and Losses," a collection of six original plays exploring the spectrum of love: from sweet to bittersweet.

"The Birthday Song" by Stace McQueen, directed by Mary McGuire

Music: Brian Benison
BODY FOUND 11/11/2000
Moving Arts presents BODY FOUND as part of the Los Angeles History Project, an official event of the Edge of the World Theater Festival

Written and directed by Trey Nichols
Cast: D.G. Bannon, Dominic Catrambone Ensemble....Sally Ben-Tal, Keith Brush, Frankie Cohen, Kimberly Glann, Perry Herman, Mary Langford, Alexis LeFortune, Gary Marschall, Trey Nichols, Tim Orona, Heather Salmon, and Lori Yeghiayan.
Stage Manager - Lisa Payne

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

BODY FOUND explores LA'S most famous unsolved murder (okay, maybe 2nd most famous): the Black Dahlia case. On the morning of January 15, 1947, the body of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short was discovered in a vacant lot on Norton Avenue in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles. Using both original and found texts, BODY FOUND relates the history of the grisly murder and examines its continued power to fascinate within the context of a culture that transforms atrocity into celebrity.
At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Eight Fresh new Plays in Two Exciting Evenings
Evening Red
Performs Oct 27,28, 29; Nov 9,10,11,12; Nov 24,25,26
Morning Tea by Robert Barnett, Directed by Julie Briggs;
A Feast of Famine by Matt Pelfrey, Directed by Patrick Varon;
Trepanation by Tom Lavagnino, Directed by Megan Larmer;
Cow by David Johnston, Directed by Kimberly Glann
Ensemble: D.G. Bannon, Sally Ben-Tal, Julie Briggs, Keith Brush, David Davidson, Liesel Kopp, Mary Langford, Heather McCandless, Cameron McHarg, Trey Nichols, Lori Yeghiayan

Evening Blue
Performs Nov 3,4,5; Nov 16,17,19; Nov 30, Dec 1,2,3
Pickup Lines by Rob Miller, Directed by Jim Cashman;
New Shoes by Sheila Callaghan, Directed by Darrell Kunitomi;
A Good Smoke by Don Cummings, Directed by Michael Cooper;
Monsieur Felix Fox Fly by John Arnold, Directed by Melissa Thomas
Ensemble: Daria Balling, D.G. Bannon, Julie Briggs, Frankie Cohen, Jonathan Del Arco, Cisco X. Drayton, Rodrick Fox, Carol Hickey, Mark Kinsey Stephenson, Liesel Kopp, Trey Nichols, Tim Orona Produced by: Frankie Cohen

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Pick of the Week in the L.A. Weekly and Critic's Pick in BackStage West!

Starring: Brad Henson & Brian Newkirk
Directed by Michael Cooper
Production Design-Eric L. Germansky; Costume Design-Carlos Brown; Lighting Design-Chris Wojcieszyn; Stage Manager-Megan Larmer

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

Hear Music from the show

From their final way station--a shared room in an AIDS hospice--two strangers face life, love and the hilarious nature of death.

MIMI'S GUIDE 4/6-5/14/2000
The Fremont Centre Theatre, South Pasadena, CA

in association with Lissa and James Reynolds and ShapeShifter productions presents the World Premiere of: Mimi's Guide by Doris Baizley, Directed by Virginia Morris
Starring: Michael Genovese, Lauren Letherer & Ping Wu

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

in which a passionate love triangle awakens the demons of three people haunted by the Vietnam War

THE MEADOWS 2/25/-4/2/2000
At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

by Trey Nichols, directed by Julie Briggs
Cast: Amy Crivelli, Kimberly Glann, Brad Henson, David Hoffman, Kristi Marie Jones, Kim Kolarich, Walter A. Lutz, Jr. & Richard Ruyle. Production Design-Andy Daley Costume Design-Deniz Muftuoglu; Stage Manager-Lis Payne; Lighting Design-Even Merryman Ritter; Assistant Director-Melissa Thomas; Produced by Lee Wochner & Brian Newkirk.

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

Hear Music from the show

On the eve of their 21st birthdays, best buds Alex and Pete hurtle through a fast week in las Vegas' strip clubs and casinos as they discover the passions of adulthood, the edge of mortality and the fleeting facts of friendship in The Meadows.
LUST & LUNACY Fall 1999
At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Moving Arts' 6th Annual One-Act Festival.
Evening Red: Oct. 8, 9, 10, 21, 22, 23, 24, Nov. 4, 5, 6, 7, 18,
YOU'RE GONNA PASS by Peter Sherman;
MILK by Mike Hemmingson;
MONKEY by Matt Pelfrey.

Evening Blue: Oct. 15, 16, 17, 28, 29, Nov. 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21.
THE CLAWFOOT INTERVIEWS by Werner Trieschmann;
MY AFRICA by Greg Kalleres;
PIGS IN ZEN by Ron Klier;
THE STROLLER by Micaela Villanueva;
FAILING THE IMPROV by Werner Trieschmann.

LUST AND LUNACY is produced by Lisa Payne.

Directed by Michael Cooper, Greg Davis, Julia Hamilton, Darrell Kunitomi, Richard Ruyle, Mark Kinsey Stephenson, Melissa Thomas.

Featuring Julie Briggs, Tony DeCarlo, Kimmi Rachelle Covault, Carol Dougherty, John Duncan, Gladys Hans, Kristi Marie Jones, Liesel Kopp, Cameron McHarg, Brian Newkirk, Chip Nuzzo, Tim Orona, Richard Ruyle, Keith Sellon-Wright, Chuti Tiu

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

LAWYERS 7/24/99
At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

by Nat Colley, directed by Julie Briggs.

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

A fast-paced fantasia on the legal profession where trial practice is mortal combat!
MONSTER STORIES 7/16/99-8/22/99
The world premiere of three short psychological investigations into the horrors of humankind,
by Lee Wochner, at Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

"Visiting Ours," directed by Julie Briggs, with Tony DeCarlo, Lisa Temple & Sharon Kahn
"Jack and I," directed by Julie Briggs, with Mark Kinsey Stephenson
"Animals," directed by Mark Kinsey Stephenson, with Richard Hamner, Rachel Brindamour, James Smith, Lisa Temple & Gary Marschall.
Produced by Lisa Payne, Stage Manager: Marie Wente, Set Design: Moran de Muṣe, Lighting Design: Evan Merryman Ritter

Original Music/Sound: Brian Benison
OUTLAWS Spring 1999
At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

A wild western comedy by E.H. Wasserman, Directed by Joe Mustacchi. Cast: Kimm Rachelle Covault, Tony DeCarlo, Brad Henson, Scooter Nelson, Gary Marschall. Stage Mager: Lisa Payne.

Original Music / Sound: Brian Benison

In this postmodern sendup of the wild west, two callous but dimwitted gunslingers try to stay two steps ahead--of the posse pursuing them and of their own naive natures.
The SUPERHUMANS 3/5/99 -
A World Premiere at Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

a comedy of extremes by Tom Scanlon
Directed by Matt Almos

With: Mark Chaet, Frankie Cohen, Brad Henson and James Smith

Music/Sound Design by Brian Benison
LA Weekly Award nominee for Playwriting, Sound Design, Direction and Comedy Ensemble

At The Raven Playhouse, North Hollywood, CA

written by Edward Allan Baker, Directed by Mary McGuire
Cast: David Shofner, Nadine Armstrong, Bridget Morrison, Denise Raychelle, Shirley Butler

Music by Brian Benison
HAPPY FUN FAMILY 6/9/97 - 9/30/97
At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

World premiere of Lee Wochner's black comedy. In this twisted take on the sitcom universe, domineering Marge loses control of her show and her world to her monkey-humping husband, her gender-bending son, her chipper but wacky neighbor, and her drunken wretch of a brother-in-law. And try though she might, she can't make it all come out right by simply declaring the season a bad dream...
Directed by Mary McGuire. Cast:  Julie Briggs, Keith Sellon-Wright, Susan Mackin, James Smith, and Richard Ruyle (understudy:  Mark Kinsey Stephenson)

Music by Brian Benison
RAIN, RIVER, ICE, STEAM 3/21/97-5/4/97
A World Premiere at Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Written by S.L. Daniels, Directed by Julie Briggs
With: Nadine Armstrong, Mark Chaet, Kathleen Conway, Carolyn Crotty, Cynthia Curtis, Brad Henson, Ashton Stewart

Composer: Brian Benison

A new play by S.L. Daniels about faith and the miracles you can create. A wealthy but cynical adventuress comes to a small town seeking truth and hope when she hears how lives have been transformed by a seemingly miraculous rainfall.
A World Premiere at Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Premiered August 2, 1996: A SENSITIVE MAN -- a provocative new black comedy by Nat Colley.
Directed by Mary McGuire. Cast: Richard Whiten and April Grace
Produced by Lee Wochner and Kathleen Clark
Set Design by Alex Grayman, Stage Manager: Marie Wente

Sound Design by Brian Benison
HERESY & HEARSAY 10/6/95-12/17/95
At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

A festival of one-act plays in two evenings.Produced by Jane Sunderland, Mary McGuire, and Rebecca Rasmussen.

Evening A: "Michael the Mist," by Mitch Teemley, directed by Mary McGuire
"The Pope's Nose," by Robert La Rocca, directed by Trey Nichols
"Blue Laws" by Joe Santi, directed by Julie Briggs
Cast includes: Mark Chaet, Kathleen Clark, Robin Krieger, Trey Nichols, Rebecca Rasmussen, Keith Sellon-Wright, David Shofner, and Mark Kinsey Stephenson.

Evening B: "Man and Woman Set Their Sights," by Lee Wochner, directed by Dan W. Davis
"Remember I'll Always Be True," by Kevin Barry, directed by Lee Wochner
"Fathers at a Game," by Trey Nichols, directed by Mary McGuire.
Cast includes: Kip Adams, Julie Briggs, Christine Burke, William Cowart and Michael Scott Shaw.

Composer/Sound Designer: Brian Benison
MEAT MARKET 6/23/95-8/5/95
A World Premiere at Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

A funny and daring look at the pickup scene by Ernest Kearney. Cast includes Kip Adams, Mark Chaet, William Cowart, and Diane Weiss.

Music and Sound Design by Brian Benison
DOG STAR 3/24/95 - 5/13/95
At Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

by Werner Trieschmann, directed by Mary McGuire.

Music/Sound Design by Brian Benison.

Bad-actress Shep is plagued by small nipples and boyfriend Skip (Trey Nichols), who turns into a bad dog. Her only salvation: Franz (Mark Kinsey Stephenson), a one-armed dog trainer and would-be stalker.
BEGUILED BY CHOICE 3/25/94-11/19/94
Two World Premieres at Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Two one-acts about longing and sexual confusion; directed by Joseph Mustacchi, produced by Jane Sunderland and Mary McGuire.

Composer/Sound Design: Brian Benison


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